Defense for Crimes of Marijuana, Heroin, Meth & Cocaine

There are many different drugs that can be involved with drug offenses. Under Pennsylvania law, illegal drugs are categorized as either marijuana, narcotic drugs or dangerous drugs.

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Drug Possession Lawyers
Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Types of Drug Charges

Drug cases involve a wide variety of charges ranging from simple possession to more serious drug offenses such as sale and transportation. Drug charges in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are harshly prosecuted, so you need to hire a serious and aggressive criminal defense attorney to combat the charges against you. At the West Chester, PA Law Offices of Lehman Pastino, we defend clients accused of committing drug offenses.

Know the Law

Despite the criminal charges you are facing in relation to the drug that you have been found with, it is always suggested to retain the services of an aggressive criminal attorney. Without legal representation on your case, you may find that preventing your future from seeing years behind bars is a far stretch.


As a drug crime attorneys, Michael Lehman and Michael Pastino have experience in dealing with crimes of virtually all drugs, including marijuana (pot, weed), crack cocaine (crack), cocaine, crystal meth (meth), ecstasy (E, X), and heroin.


The legal team at the firm also handles cases of prescription forgery and the unlawful sales of prescription drugs. If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, do not wait to talk to an attorney!

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Lehman and Pastino represented me in my auto accident suit… I received PERSONAL attention from Lehman and Pastino…they travelled with me to my doctor’s appointments, completed all my paperwork, and clearly explained all my options. They treated me like a PERSON, not just a client. Their knowledge of the law was precise and “on the money.” I would recommend them for all of anyone’s legal needs.


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"Michael Pastino is an extremely knowledgeable, thorough, kind and compassionate guy. He went the extra mile for me, not only to win my case, but to receive the maximum possible dollar amount..."

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"Michael is a great lawyer. His work ethic is fantastic and he is always in a good mood. He worked with my mother with a couple different cases and he never disappointed..."

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"Michael is an excellent lawyer and person. When I had my automobile accident, he helped me win my case. He went above and beyond expectations and made it an easy and comfortable process for me..."


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